THC/CBD Tincture 300mg


This THC/CBD Tincture is a 1:1 ratio. Each bottle contains 15ml and 300mg THC and CBD.

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Sublingual consumption is one of the best ways to use a tincture if you want stronger, faster effects. Put the dose under your tongue and hold it there for 1 minute before swallowing. This method allows cannabis to hit your bloodstream quickly. You can also just drop the tincture into your mouth and swallow right away, but the effects will be more subtle and require more time to take effect.

For those who don’t like the taste or feel of a tincture in their mouth, there is another way to do it. You can simply drop the tincture onto your choice of food or beverage and enjoy it. This method will take the same length of time to kick in as edibles.


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